Professional Liability Insurance


Professional Liability Insurance - a "Must" for small business!

Protect yourself from lawsuits with coverage from insurance companies that provide Errors and Omissions Insurance/Professional Liability Insurance.

As a professional, it is your responsibility to adhere to certain standards and best practices for your industry. If a client feels that you made a mistake of oversight with your services, they could claim that you didn't meet those standards and your company can be sued for economic damages. This insurance also covers related defense costs, even from groundless claims.

CAAMP encourages all of its members, whether a sole practice or a larger company, to get liability insurance. Coverage can be received under the topics of:

Anger Management Services
Healthcare Management Social Services
Counseling (requires a Master's degree or higher)
Community mental health
Nonprofit services and more

Check with the insurance provider you select and inform them of the services you provide. They will advise you of the category (s) which best covers your services, if any.

CAAMP does not endorse any specific insurance company. Rather, CAAMP is offering a list of insurance companies as an option for its members.

Hicox Insurance - Los Angeles, 213-986-8791

biBERK - 844-472-0967

CPH Insurance - Chicago, Illinois - 800-875-1911

Farmers Business Insurance - check your local Farmers agent

Simply Business - Boston, MA

Small Business Association in your area

Again, CAAMP does not endorse any specific insurance carrier. CAAMP does, however, encourage all of its members to carry liability insurance.