The California Association of Anger Management Providers is an independent, professional organization for the advancement of anger management services, research, and the professional certified anger management facilitator.

CAAMP recognizes there are varied techniques and methods for effectively treating anger problems, and is therefore supportive of expanding the body of knowledge of clinical research and treatment. CAAMP is presently providing leadership through the Certified Anger Management Facilitator Training program, the anger management provider directory, and various other projects.

Membership to CAAMP is open to anger management providers, professionals, clinicians, researchers, educators, social service providers, parole/probation officers, legal professionals, law enforcement professionals, and other anger management helping professionals. Anger Management Certification is a significant credential, increasingly required by courts, social service and law enforcement agencies, nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

  • Standardize California Anger Management Provider Services through standardized materials
  • Identify and promote effective anger management methods and techniques
  • Provide, encourage, and support standards and ethics for anger management providers, educators, counselors, facilitators, trainers, therapists, and consultants
  • Support anger management professional community
  • Improve the quality of anger management services throughout California
  • Provide latest research and information on anger management to expand knowledge and techniques of service providers
  • Advance the professional credential throughout California
  • Provide leadership through standardizing materials, awareness and increasing public knowledge on anger management, conferences, media and legislative efforts